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Anita Bhandari carefully created a custom jewel encrusted pendant representing Peter Triantos’ iconic signature Jelly Bean series. Peter is an internationally acclaimed contemporary abstract artist known for conceptualizing colors in unique harmony.

One of his world renowned series named Jelly Bean. Is a merging of carefully selected colors to represent a calm balance in color. At certain parts of the painting two jelly beans collide. This is simply half a jelly bean on top of another jelly bean. Anita carefully custom cut certain oval sapphires to create the merging color affect of this jelly bean.

"It was a difficult task as the stones broke during the cutting process. As cutting a specific curve on a very unique curve angle is not an easy task. Eventually we got it just perfect and were able to carefully set the unique custom cut stones on top of each other to replicate Peter's exact Jelly Bean painting. The pendant represents the carefully position stones to match the color and hue of Peter's artistry. Additional to the pendant, we custom made a ring as well reflecting the unique colors of the jelly bean painting."

Our Story

Diamonds have been a big part of Anita’s life since she was a child growing up in Antwerp, Belgium.  She comes from a large family of diamantaires and has spent much of her time in the Antwerp diamond market where she gained her initial training in the field. Diamonds remained an obsession of hers, and so Anita sought to learn everything she could about them.

Anita completed her gemmology degree in Antwerp at HRD, one of the most renowned institutes in the world. With her vast experience and knowledge of the trade, Anita made her way into the Toronto Diamond district where she founded Aarkish Diamonds Inc. in the year 2000.

At Aarkish Diamonds, Anita takes pride in creating unique, custom jewellery for her clients in Canada and across the world. Contact Anita for a Free Consult. She would be happy to help you with any of your Diamond needs.

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